Joint Venture – S/W Engineer

  • Joint Venture
  • Remote or San Francisco Area

We’re a full service provider: API integration, marketing, payments / billing, web hosting management, operations management.

This is not a paying job. This is a business opportunity in which we both work to create a product together.

We’re looking to create a Joint Venture with a Programmer. Ideally, you’re a full stack engineer. You’re a gifted developer who has a track record to develop products at work or in your spare time. We’ll agree on an application which can cashflow quickly: Self-service, self-checkout, no sales reps required. The product / service must be easy for customers to use. The objective is to leverage our complementary skills to launch a new product quickly using our own programming skills.

We split profits and company ownership 50/50. We will define and agree to our responsibilities. This service / product should not require additional funding. We both have the skills to launch on our own.

S/W Engineer develops the MVP in a month. We must launch quickly to test the concept with the market.

We’ll provide a work / live space room and work area near San Francisco for you: 1 month at no cost. You pay for your own food, travel and insurance.

You can return home afterwards and work remote. We’ll be in contact regularly.

Team Culture
– High energy
– Get it done right the first time
– Work efficiently
– Complete work on time
– Don’t complain / Fix it if you don’t like something
– No special snowflake policy: We all work hard together

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