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Wayvana is the gas pedal your fledgling company needs to start it speeding down the raceway and take first place in the pack of your competitors.

You have the great product or must-have service, but your start-up company needs to get those sales zooming! The current U.S. economy is presenting you with some raceway potholes that could send you careening off the track and cause a crash before you ever have a chance to push ahead of the pack.

“You want super-dependable marketing assistance. We provide you with our talented and reliable marketing experts who are ready to inject some gas in your sales.”

Wayvana’s services include:

Assistance with developing a new and customizable website that you can then manage. You tell us your plan and select a template, and we take care of the creative/technical details to provide you with an awesome platform.

Integration with email marketing, business applications, and SFDC ( so you can focus on developing your brilliant ideas and building your brand.

Full Service Provider (FSP) with extensive knowledge of:

  • Sales
  • Programming
  • Ecommerce
  • Website
  • CRM
  • Marketing
  • Bookkeeping

There is a trend with U.S. employers experiencing difficulty in getting scheduled interviewees to even show up for their interviews. Then, the new employee you have taken all your valuable time to carefully select and hire may be hedging their bets with other companies during the hiring process and end up never showing up to work the first day.

According to a CNBCMAKEIT. article, this phenomenon, referred to as “ghosting,” is happening in many industries and occupations.

“ It was always somewhat of an issue for lower-paying jobs in construction, manufacturing and truck driving, says Alex Riley, president of Merit Hall, a Detroit staffing agency. Now, he says, up to 20 percent of white collar workers in those industries are taking part in the disappearing acts. ”

We have what you need.

The full-stack marketing services that will give you dependable direction without the potholes of hiring a full-time marketing employee.

You take care of your day-to-day business and we will get your sales on track.